About Us

Love is like good food, special things always come from simple ingredients, but they are made magical by the imagination.

Paul Mehis

Thus was born “Love is Delicious”, from the determination of a boy who grew up in the typical bakery shops of Rome.

When I became a “Pizza Chef”, I realized the dream of opening my own restaurant to share my passion with my collaborators and my admirers.

My goal was to create a place where time could go back, to rediscover the natural ingredients of my homeland, using preparation procedures that made time its right space, honoring quality and good taste.

The dream comes true following a trip to Australia, verifying the possibilities offered by this hospitable land.

Like a good dress, I tried to create a tailor-made location, where everything was rigorously “Made in Italy”, from first choice flours, to cured meats, to dairy products, up to the coffee. For the coffee I chose the historic icon of Italian roasting, the “Circi” coffee, which you can taste while savoring the desserts made for you.

You will find fresh vegetables, you will discover the natural leavening of doughs and pizza, the typical diet of a sincere and genuine cuisine like the Roman one, accompanied by a careful selection of wines and spirits chosen for you.

Tasting the “Love & Delicious” products means meeting the values and culture of a land that has given culinary emotions, which have endured for centuries. Of course I have not neglected the local culture, with homemade breakfasts and dishes.

In a world like the modern one, aimed at the search for innovation at all costs, my choice was to create a contemporary product that has its roots in the past.

I put my love in “Love is Delicious”, you put your happiness in it, it will be my best result.

Mauro Amicucci

The taste of Italy

The quality and origin of the raw materials and products with which we prepare the dishes you will find in our restaurant is fundamental.

This is why I have carefully selected our suppliers, guaranteeing you the authenticity and typical Italian flavors.

Without detracting from the excellence of Italian pasta factories and as per the tradition of my homeland, you can taste our fresh handmade pasta.